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Partnerships for the SDGs With Natalia Sanchez, Sustainability Head at Bolt.

SAAC Podcast June 7, 2022 309 63 4

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The SDGs have the potential to make a major global impact across all sectors within society, from energy and the environment, to poverty alleviation, healthcare, education and access to quality resources. None of this will be achieved without the cooperation of businesses, governments, civil society organizations and individuals. It is imperative that businesses do their part to develop promising partnerships with these stakeholders as we work toward meeting the ambitious targets set by the UN for 2030. Together we must stand firm in our efforts to achieve sustainable development for people and planet.

The SDGs were developed with the aim of building on the eight MDGs, which were not fully satisfactory in relation to socio-economic development. In sum, they seek to advance well-being for all and build a sustainable future.

It is easier than ever for you to make a difference. Finding partners for the SDGs is only the first step in your journey. Make sure to keep your partnership alive and growing strong!

Remember all the steps of partnering:

1) Assess your goals,

2) Find allies,

3) Work towards solutions, and

4) Measure and track results together.

Also be sure to connect with other organizations that are working in your space using our “Join Forces” option. We can’t wait to see you succeed!

Our guest in this episode is Natalia Sanchez, she is a sustainability professional with +11 years of experience leading business transformation in Europe and Latin America. I have worked alongside large and small companies, international cooperation, development banks, the UN Global Compact, and nonprofit organizations to integrate into corporate practices the ESG strategies to respond to sustainable development needs.

We can not miss that the best way to build a sustainable future is by the decision we make day by day. The decisions we make is the only power we have


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