Women In Sustainability

Practising what you preach – Simone Andersson

SAAC Podcast July 13, 2022 395 64 4

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When you spend a lot of time researching any specific topic, you meet many people. Some of them are experts, while some are just to make a quick coin. However, in very rare occurrences, you get to meet believers. Believers take the extra step of embedding the topic in question into their day-to-day lives. On the topic of #sustainability under our SAAC| Sustainability As A Concept project, I met one such believer. Simone Andersson, the CCO at WEEE Centre Have a listen and you will understand why I call her a believer. _ If you enjoy this episode:

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The way to embed sustainability in your day-to-day life is by thinking about the simple processes in your life. Where & how you shop, the products you use and even what you choose to consume in your home.


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