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Women In Sustainability

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Women have played a critical role in the sustainability movement, from grassroots activism to leadership positions in business, government, and civil society. This category features conversations with women sustainability experts, highlighting their perspectives and insights on a range of sustainability topics. These interviews aim to showcase the important work being done by women in sustainability, as well as to provide a platform for sharing their experiences, challenges, and successes.

Topics covered in this series include the role of women in sustainability, gender equity and social justice, climate action, sustainable business practices, and community engagement. Conversations explore how women are driving change in their respective fields and communities, as well as the challenges they face and the opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

Guests for this series include women sustainability leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, activists, and policymakers, as well as representatives from NGOs and social enterprises. The interviews are conducted in a conversational style, allowing guests to share their stories and insights in an engaging and accessible way. The aim would be to provide inspiration, information, and actionable advice for listeners interested in advancing sustainability and supporting women's leadership.

This series champions for supporting women-led sustainability initiatives, advocate for gender equity and social justice, and learn about the important contributions women are making to sustainability. The series could also highlight ways in which listeners can get involved in supporting women in sustainability, whether through mentorship, networking, or other forms of engagement. Overall, the "Women in Sustainability" series aims to highlight the crucial role of women in driving sustainability and to provide a platform for their voices and perspectives.